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New Version 1.0.5

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

CompartmentMapping’ s which where previously created for each ChildReference and each ChildNodeMapping are now created only once for each Compartment. There was also a small bug about a non-existend createNodesFromTemplate operation, which has been fixed too.

New Version 1.0.4

Friday, April 4th, 2008

The support for LinkMapping’s based on references has been completed. This includes also a change in the metamodel. The demo-project has been updated too. It demonstrate how to use the reference edge descriptors.

There where two minor bugs (one in GenGMF and one in EMF) causing together a major problem on systems which use a backslash for paths strings (which are apparently only the variants of “Windows” …):

label reference attributes ‘[null]’ not in class ‘null’!
containmant feature null with class null must support the class null

As this is fixed in 1.0.4 you may wish to upgrade (Thanks to Marius for providing a windows system for testing and debugging).