The demo project demonstrates some of the facilities of GenGMF. At present these are:

  • templates for Node and Edge creation,
  • element as well as reference based Edges
  • meta-class names as graph labels
  • compartments
  • PostProcessing

The demo project uses always the latest version of GenGMF.

To get the demo working, please follow some instructions:

  • use the installation instructions to get the GenGMF plugins
  • restart Eclipse
  • import the project
  • After opening the “src-model/demo.genmodel”-file, select the toplevel element, right-click and select the “Generate All” option.
  • right-click on the “src-model/demo.gengmf”-file and select “Generate GMF-Graph and -Map models”
  • right-click on the “src-model/demo.gmfmap”-file, select “Create generator model…” and follow the wizard
  • right-click on the “src-model/demo.gmfgen”-file and select “Generate diagram code”
  • run the newly created diagram plugin as an Eclipse Application.

Now you should be able to create a demo diagram using the new file wizard and draw some nodes and edges.

The gmfgraph and gmfmap files where created from the gengmf model in the third step. In this example the templates are relative simple to show the basics of the templating facilities.

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