GenGMF 2.0 introduces Wizards to make the creation of GenGMF models much more easier.

The wizards allows iterative and interactive editing of complex models in an easy way. They are called on the base element you want to modify and could be divided into the following groups:

  • Template creation
    (called on the root element “Model”)

    • Node
    • Compartment
    • Edge
  • Template modification
    (called on the element “…Template”)

    • Adding a label
    • Adding a compartment rectangle
  • Descriptor derivation from a Template
    (called on the element “…Template”)
  • Descriptor modification
    (called on the element “…Descriptor”)

    • fore- and background color
    • figure type
  • Compartment child association
    (called on the element “CompartmentDesc”)

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